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What we offer
G.E.M.S. is an energy consultancy firm active since 2007. We have designed and optimized the energy consumption of hundreds of buildings of various types. We are PEB advisers, BREEAM certifiers and official energy experts. Here are the different services that we offer to reduce your energy consumption.
Energy advice
Energy assessment and optimization of your home (regarding insulation, heating systems, ventilation, cold production, domestic hot water and renewable energies). At the end of our visit, you will know what are the points of attention and the priorities to optimize the energy consumption of your home.
Energy Guidance
You are building a new house or refurbishing one and want to integrate green techniques (solar PV panels or thermal panels, geothermal heatpumps, combined heat and power,...) but you don't know where to begin? Get help to make the best choice to optimize your project's future energy consumption.
Technical Offer review
You cannot chose between several technical offers and need a specialist to help you make the best decision? Then this service is for you. Get an external and independant review of your offers and choose the best option.
Online advice for specific questions
You have one specific question about energy systems or insulation materials? Make a 30 minutes appointment with one of our experts and get a quick answer.


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Can I get subsidies on your services?

No, there are no subsidies on our services. However, there are on most of the solutions we offer. We will let you know all the information about it.

What is the difference between your Energy Advice and an energy audit?

An Energy Advice is quick, handy, straight to the point and fine-tuned to your specific situation. After our visit, you'll get a summary with bullet points of what is the smartest way to reduce your consumption based on our calculation. We stopped doing energy audits for individuals a long time ago because it's usually generic, not adapted to your special situation, and there is no global as each field (systems, materials, warm water,...) are analized separately. People wait a long time to get a report with a description of their house and generic measures to take that are sometimes not even feasible.

I have many question and the time is running, 1h won't be enough

No problem, after 1h, the auditor notifies you that the hour is passed. then you can agree to go on. Each extra 15 minutes is invoiced at the same rate (250 euros VAT per hour).